About the virus

Our government is taking great effort to fight against the sudden outbreak of a novel virus.

Several thousand engineers and construction workers built the two specialized hospitals equipped with 2,500 beds in less than 15 days. 

Doctors developed new medicine to fight against the disease.

Now the case fatality rate is just around 2.29 percent nationwide, and 0.55 percent outside Hubei province. 

Until now there are no confirmed infection cases in our company, all of us are safe and healthy, but we still take measures to prevent the disease such as disinfection of workshop, temperature checks, health registration, and wearing face masks, etc. 

The epidemic is controllable. We are all confident that it will pass soon.

The process of making plastic products

Semi-finished product is very important, it directly determines the yield of the finished product: if the thickness of the semi-finished product is uneven, then the sealing bag and other processes will appear on one side of the thick side thin, then one side of the plastic bag is not sealed, the other side has the phenomenon of hot melt.

    A roll of film will be printed when it is ready. Blank bags are not printed and directly processed into bags.

  Plastic packaging bag printing often use Gravure Printing, gravure printing not only beautiful,but also suitable for the number of long-term printing bags. Because can use long time of copper plate. We need to order several colors of the copper plate according to your design , and need to adjust what color of ink, each color corresponding to an ink slot. The copper plate can printing 100,000 bags or more bags.

  After printing ,we will be make it to a bag and shipping .