AeroFlexx’s “Air Frame” flexible packaging won the 64th Annual FPA “Top Achievement Award”

Flexible Packaging Association (FPA),Recently displayed 30 FPA 2020 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards works, which demonstrate that flexible packaging solutions can meet expectations and needs through materials, designs, structures, new uses, extended shelf life and sustainability.

Among them, AeroFlexx launched a “new global packaging” won the “highest achievement award”.

This packaging has revolutionized the liquid packaging industry , It’s said to be the only flexible packaging with superior performance over traditional bottle packaging.

It uses “Air Frame” to combine custom stiffness to flexible film and create a unique seal; it has a clean and one-hand-controllable lid opening function; the packaging structure complies with e-commerce standards without additional protection 50% less plastic used than traditional plastic bottles. Packaging is more sustainable and costs less than traditional bottles.

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